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Why Aluminum

GatorDock has been designing and fabricating docks, marinas, and gangways out of our Florida manufacturing plant since 1976. Our expert staff has thousands of projects across the globe to reference when working on your next dock project. We are proud to make our marine access structures out of aluminum as we know it is best material for the harsh marine environment.

Every dock system that we fabricate is designed and built to be a high performance, long lasting, cost efficient solution specific to your project and location. GatorDock's marine grade aluminum allows us to maximize design and efficiency on every structure we produce. No matter what application your project is for, the aluminum structures we build are going to have the following material benefits:

GatorDock's are constructed to withstand high traffic.

Heavy Duty, High Traffic

GatorDock's products are designed and fabricated to perform in popular public venues including iconic theme parks and America's busiest boat launches. Our commercial dock and pier systems offer high performance, ultimate durability, and minimal maintenance requirements. Our unique floatation options for docks and long span capabilities for piers make us the choice time and time again by government and private clients.

GatorDock chooses aluminum over traditional materials.

The Material Difference

Whereas some manufacturers choose traditional construction materials to build their docks, we only source materials that were designed specifically to perform in harsh marine environments. From our marine grade aluminum frames and non-slip decking to our fasteners and connection systems, we provide a solution designed to last. Whether your marine project is on a fresh water lake or on the ocean, you can have confidence in your GatorDock.

GatorDock projects are tailored to each client's specifications.

Custom Solutions

No two GatorDock projects are the same. Gator was founded on the principle of creating custom solutions. Rather than give you an off-the-shelf product, our staff help you design a system that is tailored to your project's individual location and application. Ask us about ADA accessibility, incorporating utilities, custom launches, or premium aesthetic options.

GatorDock's structures require minimal maintenance.

Minimal Maintenance

Aluminum won't crack like concrete, rust like steel or rot like wood. Due to aluminum's natural protective coating and corrosion resistance, maintenance budgets for the long life span of a GatorDock are reduced, and in many cases, eliminated. Spend your time on the water, not maintaining your dock.

GatorDock's projects are long lasting.

Four Decades

As Gator looks forward to our 45th anniversary, we take pride in the engineers, project managers, and craftsmen that have been with us for decades. Our staff, combined with our premium materials and proprietary design features make Gator the most trusted fabricator in the industry.

GatorDock's products are recyclable.

Recyclable & Eco-Friendly

GatorDock's products are not only made from over 80% postindustrial recycled material but are also 100% recyclable. If your project is concerned with carbon footprint and sustainability as well as high performance, then GatorDock can provide you with the industry's most eco-friendly solution.