With over forty years as a dock builder, GatorDock has earned a trusted reputation of delivering high performance, cost effective marine access structures from coast to coast. Gator's team of knowledgeable project managers, design engineers, and AWS certified craftsmen are dedicated to building the longest lasting docks, piers, and gangways specific to your project's needs and location.

Browse our site to learn more about our aluminum dock and gangways. We have perfected the designs of our floating and fixed dock systems over our four decades as a premium dock builder. See what makes the Gator difference by interacting with our designs in our Anatomy section, or download CAD files, drawings and specifications in our Engineering Resources section.

Why Build with Aluminum?

Each of our dock designs are built using marine grade aluminum – a material devised specifically to stand up to harsh saltwater environments and the demanding durability needs of high traffic waterfronts. Gator has over 7000 aluminum structures installed across the globe that prove the long life cycle and toughness of our material and dock designs.

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Apr. 21, 2014

Gator gives D.C. police great views of real-life training in a replica town.

A lot of strange things happen almost daily at 4665 Blue Plains Drive SW in Washington, D.C.  Police officers there deal with armed intruders of occupied buildings, hostage situations, and more by battering down doors, hunting gunmen in a school, using tear gas, and rappelling from rooftops.

Apr. 03, 2014

Why is aluminum awesome for docks?

In sea water environments, building docks with aluminum offers the ultimate in durability and flexibility. Maintenance budgets for the long life span of an aluminum dock are reduced, and in many cases, eliminated.