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Being the most trusted name in the marine structure industry, GatorDock believes that your project deserves more than just an off the shelf dock or gangway. Our designs have passed the most stringent product testing – four decades in the field. As your team of project managers and engineers begin your waterfront project, you should have access to the drawings, specifications, CAD files, and past project examples necessary to ensure your project lasts a lifetime and maximizes your budget. Only Gator provides sample engineering and technical documents to our potential clients in the beginning stages of dock design. Choose the marine application you are interested in below to find a library’s worth of resources to start your project off in the right direction. Our staff is available and willing to help at every step of the process, just contact us.

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Case Studies

The Aerophile fixed dock project is one of a kind. The aluminum pier structure provides safe loading and support for the balloon ride while the intricate design enhances the park aesthetics.

The Acura Yacht Club at IZOD's Indycar race in St. Petersburg Florida every year is a modular aluminum dock system built by GatorDock. This temporary dock system returns every year to provide a marina for overnight vessels and a VIP party deck.

This custom boat dock features Ipe decking and a DRII aluminum gangway. This poly-tub floating dock features fenders, bumpers, cleats and run utilities.

Lake Havasu is one of the busiest lakes for boat launches in the country. GatorDock floating dock systems provide safe, efficient launches and passenger loading docks for the massive crowds.



Case Studies

The Caladesi Island Marina in Florida features Gator's Pontoon Floats, an aluminum deck and utilities. The 2-decade-old system has 100 marina slips and a ferry platform for loading and unloading.

Installed in the mid-seventies, Cape Marina, built by GatorDock, has been in consistent service for almost 40 years. Cape Marina is proof of GatorDock product's long life cycle and durability.

This wood and aluminum fixed pier marina system caters to vessels of all sizes. The main sections feed to many finger piers allowing the Piney Narrows Marina to make the most of it's space.

The theme park resort hotel offers a marina for rental powerboats as well as full size vessels and personal watercraft. This custom marina system caters efficiently to its many visitors’ needs.

The private marina of Marina Shores holds 158 slips. Classically designed with aluminum frames, pine decking and poly-tub floats, this Gator marina has been in service 25 years.

At first glance this GatorDock marina looks to be made of all wood. However, it is the aluminum construction that will make this wood decked marina outlast neighboring dock systems.

The aluminum floating marina built at Texas A&M University provides research students and staff access to the learning on the water. Aluminum was chosen as it last longer and does not corrode in salt water. 

It may not look like it but this wood decked marina is actually built with aluminum. Marina's on the coast know that aluminum provides the lowest lifetime cost, even if they want a wooden marina look.



Case Studies

This long fixed pier appears to be wooden but its aluminum frame will outlast any wood pier. An integrated roof structure and unique handrails customize this project.

Although it is named a 'pier,' this famous 28 slip 'Houseboat Row' is actually a poly-tub floating marina. Utilities, knee-bracing and accessories finish off this Key West installation.

The 157 acre nature preserve in Florida required hundreds of linear feet of elevated boardwalk to complete their marshland trails. Custom railing and an integrated gazebo make this boardwalk project one of a kind.

Gator's famous fishing rail is the highlight of this wood decked aluminum pier. The pier helps make this one of the areas favorite spots for hobby fishermen.

You thought we just made piers out of aluminum? This wood pier is actually built by Gator using TimberGuard and aluminum. The protected pilings will last much longer than wood.



Case Studies

The ADA accessible gangways system on this project leads to a ferry loading platform. Its unique design includes floating platforms to maintain the required slope ratio.

NASA’s facility uses this aluminum DRII gangway on a lift to accommodate loading of passengers and supplies. 

Opened in 2012, the Boston Tea Party Museum recreates historical events. Loading and unloading the summers’ large crowd of tourists is facilitated with the use of two long span DRI gangways.

The Glen Cove Ferry Terminal services thousands of passengers each day traveling to Connecticut and several New York destinations.  The custom aluminum structure features lighting, ADA compliant ramps and floating dock platforms.

Similar to Gator's Gangway designs, these aluminum catwalks serve an important role in keeping America safe. Read more to learn about these catwalks which serve as walkways for supervisors. 

Chlorine and salt water may cause other metals to rust, but not aluminum! Peek at these aluminum walkways and custom designed rails built for an olympic training center. 


Case Studies

The Easy Launch design is the main feature of this northeast GatorDock system. All aluminum decking and rails keeps maintenance for this public canoe launch at a minimum.

This custom sailboat launch system is an expansion of an existing GatorDock marina located at the University of South Florida.

This California dock system and pier features the Versi Dock Launch to cater to a variety of personal watercraft vessels. Composite decking and a 100psf DRI gangway are featured on this system.

To launch kayaks and canoes, Stewart Park asked Gator to build a low profile floating dock. Learn more about this project and ask about our standard canoe and kayak launch designs.

Referred to as the "Paddler's Dream", this installation has become a local hot spot for river lovers, featuring a custom Gator Versi Launch.

With our expertise and funding provided by the Wounded Warrior's Project, the ADA accessible kayak launch came to life.



Case Studies

Lewes Boat Ramp not only features the traditional boat launches and dock but also provides docks specifically for passenger loading.

GatorDock floating platforms and gangways are used in combination to provide safe access to the theme park’s internal ferry system. This gangway has served millions of passengers. 

This project features 22 lanes of boat ramps with 11 floating dock and gangway systems making it one of the largest public boat launches in the nation.

This Gator-made boat ramp features ipe hardwood decking and poly floats with protective stanchions. Host to large bass fishing tournaments, this boat launch sees a lot of action.

Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission continued their effort to provide boating and fishing access to the people of Charleston.