November 14, 2018

CMI Limited Co. Acquires Mantle Industries, Inc.

MARIETTA, GA (November 14, 2018) – CMI Limited Co. (CMI), announced today the acquisition of Mantle Industries a leading producer of aluminum ramps, gangways, catwalks and bridges for the northwest United States, Alaska and Canada from their facility based in Blaine, Washington. Mantle, along with CMI’s existing aluminum fabrication division, Gator (GatorDock and GatorBridge), will continue […]


December 24, 2014

Reflecting on a great year at Gator

The entire team at GatorBridge and GatorDock is looking forward to lots of smiles and joy with friends and family over the holidays.   Meanwhile, we’re working diligently to fulfill orders from our customers.  Last week seemed like a good time to reflect on 2014, so we surprised a few of our colleagues with an impromptu […]


November 19, 2014

Cape Marina: proof of the longevity of Gator docks

In Port Canaveral, Florida, just across from where Disney Cruise Line ships depart, is the area’s largest marina for boaters. Cape Marina offers 90 slips for boats from 15 feet to over 140 feet, along with a store, fueling, dry storage, and repair services. When Mike Legge began working at Cape Marina 35 years ago, […]


November 11, 2014

How Much Does a Dock Cost? Part III: Size

Size is the last topic in our three-blog series to answer the question, “How much does a dock cost?”’  In two previous blog posts, we discussed decking and design as cost components.   Size considerations for your project Cost is not the only thing affected as the size of your dock section increases or decreases. […]


October 23, 2014

Caution! There’s a Huge Gator Backstage!

This is the last in a series of three posts about Gator’s work with amusement parks. Each post features stories from Jon Fleischman, general manager and part owner of GatorDock.  In case you missed them, here are Part 1 (“Orlando: A Gator Haven!”) and Part 2 (“Yep, That Was a Gator You Walked On!”) For […]


October 13, 2014

How Much Does a Dock Cost? Part II: Design

Our most often asked question is “What is the cost of a dock system?” While there’s no simple answer, we’ve broken it down into three main components: decking, design and size of your dock. In a recent blog we discussed decking, and if you missed part one, you can read about it here. Let’s move […]



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