Fixed Piers

Design a Pier for Your Needs

Each of Gator's sturdy aluminum piers starts with our fully welded E-channel frame. Incorporate the decking of your choice along with railing or dock accessories to tailor the pier design to your application. Saltwater and sea air can quickly compromise wood and concrete docks and piers. Marine grade aluminum is specifically chosen for our piers as it offers high performance and remains rust free even in ocean environments. Gator's strong aluminum frames allow 20 feet between piling supports cutting the cost of piles and pile installation.

Gator pier with railing.

Pier with Railing

Whether your project is in need of a waterfront boardwalk or a place to fish from, Gator piers can span longer distances and require less maintenance than wooden piers. Design a meandering boardwalk for trails with corrosion resistant aluminum decking or a traditional wood deck. If fishing is the purpose of your new pier, our famous fishing rail is a beautiful, practical design for fishers of all sizes and abilities.


Gator pier for boating.

Pier for Boating

Fixed docks and piers are a perfect place to boat from in areas with little water fluctuation. Our boat piers start with a marine grade aluminum frame and can be designed with any of the decking options or dock accessories shown below. GatorDock's aluminum header kits attach the pier frame to your chosen piling. By building a GatorDock boat pier, you can cut the number of pilings needed by half!


Piers for Fishing, Strolling, Boating, or Lounging

Fishing pier designed and constructed by GatorDock.

Fishing Piers

Looking for the perfect place to fish from? Clients love GatorDock's aluminum piers with fishing rail. An angled rest rail and bait shelf are incorporated into the pier rail at alternating heights to allow children and those with ADA needs the perfect place to fish from.


Boardwalk designed and built by GatorDock.


If you want your boardwalk to have a wooden look, chose an aluminum walkway with pine decking and fenders. The aluminum frame will span greater distances and require vastly less maintenance than a typical wooden system. To reduce maintenance requirements even further, choose Gator's corrosion resistant aluminum decking.


Fixed pier and dock by Gator.

Fixed Piers and Docks

Intercostal waterways and lakefronts often prefer a fixed pier to a floating dock. Gator has built thousands of piers over our long history. Contact Gator to learn how to encompass seating, roof structures, boat lifts, or other features into your fixed pier design.



Floating Pier

If you are searching for a floating pier, Gator has what you need. Our floating docks and piers are some of our most popular products and can be found on our dock page.

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More Pier Resources

Download drawings, specs, and other engineering resources in our technical section.

Aluminum fixed piers can span longer distances between piles compared to wood, steel and concrete piers – up to 2X longer span capabilities!

Pier Options & Accessories

+ railing+ decking+ support + accessories

Fishing Rail

Gator's famous fishing rail comes in aluminum or can be cladded with pine, Ipe, or composite wood. Clients often chose to use a picket or horizontal rail at the start of the fishing pier walkway and transition to fishing rail at the desired water depth. Gator's fishing rail features a flat bait shelf for coolers, tackle boxes, or fish cleaning while the angled rest rails provide comfort. Alternating heights allow fishers of all abilities a relaxing place to fish from.

Picket Rail

The picket rail, also known as the Giralt rail, is a customer favorite. Horizontal pickets fit into top and bottom chords for a classic look.

Pipe Rail

2-line and 3-line pipe rails are economic railing options for docks, piers, or as an approach rail. These aluminum railings are FDOT approved.

Mesh Rail

The mesh rail, or fencing rail, started as a custom option that has gained popularity. This rail provides reduced railing openings horizontally and vertically.

ADA Rail

ADA compliant hand rail, mid rail, and toe rail can be integrated into any of Gator's aluminum structures. Let your GatorDock representative know what requirements your project needs to meet and we can provide you with design options.


Does your project site already have a rail type or design aesthetic that you want to match? Gator can fabricate any custom design.


Clients love our long-lasting, minimal maintenance aluminum decking. This non-slip decking option remains cool to the touch even in the summer sun.


Pressure treated pine decking can be designed into your aluminum pier frame. This economical choice offers moderate loading capacities and a classic look.


For projects with high loading requirements or low maintenance requirements, Brazilian hardwood decking may be right for you. This designer hardwood lasts long and is built to survive the harsh marine environment.

Composite Wood

The same composite wood material for your backyard and commercial decks can be used on Gator's aluminum pier and dock frames. Multiple brand and color options are available.


Let the sunlight through your boardwalk by choosing grated decking. Gator offers aluminum grating or composite grating, including ThruFlow, on their pier designs.


If you would like a different decking style on your pier or boardwalk, including concrete or pavers, just let our dock engineers know. We can design and fabricate a custom design for your project.

Header Kits

Our standard pier designs use aluminum header kits as their support. These header kits will be shipped with your pre-fabricated pier sections for easy installation. Commercial piers and platforms with heavier loading requirements may be designed with custom supports.

TimberGuard™ Piles

TimberGuard™ is our favorite style of wood piling. Traditional wood piling is encapsulated with a polymer protection system to keep out marine borers, resist rot and lengthen the life of the piling.


If your project would benefit from a fiberglass composite pile, then ask for UltraComposite pilings. These frp pilings are the highest quality composite piles in the marine industry and can be fit into any marine access design.


Pine, Ipe, or composite wood fenders are popular pier accessories. Protect the side of your boardwalk or boat pier with the fender of your choice.


If you are building a pier for boating or watercraft, a bumper will protect both the dock and your boat. Choose from our smaller 'P' style bumper or the larger 'D' bumper.


Stainless steel or aluminum cleats can be either welded or bolted into the prefabricated pier frames.


If your pier houses utilities, just let Gator know the layout. The open utility chases on our aluminum piers allow for multiple utility lines to be run under the decking boards.