GatorDock products are beautiful, heavy-duty options for large scale, high-traffic commercial marinas seeking the best long-term value. Our aluminum marina systems have been in service for forty years without needing to be replaced. Gator's signature E-channel frames promote stability and long life while being a cost efficient choice. Aluminum docks will require far less maintenance over the years than other conventional materials allowing you to save your maintenance budget for expanding your marina's services. With over 7000 marine access installations over the years, Gator is the expert at building a long lasting marina design specific to local environments and customer's needs.

Make Your Marina Design Work for You

Custom designed marina.

Marina Design Services

Our professional team of product specialists can help you model your marina and include custom requests to make your project unique. Rather than choosing standard or off the shelf docks, when you choose Gator your boater's needs and the specific environmental characteristics of your marina location will determine the design.


Retrofit an existing marina design.

Retrofit or Expand an Existing Marina

Often times we work with clients whose marinas need to be expanded to cater to larger vessel sizes or new watercrafts. The engineering team at Gator can help restructure your current system into a more efficient and expanded design. Gator's unique materials and manufacturing process allow us to create angled and mitered dock sections.  These unique-to-Gator design options make a large impact on marina layouts while meeting restrictive budgets.

Fixed and Floating Marina Designs

GatorDock's floating marinas.

Floating Marinas

To start the process of building your floating marina system, choose one of our three floatation options. The Full Float is the most stable, durable option for high traffic, large scale marinas. The Full Float can be customized to meet almost any loading and freeboard requirements. The Pontoon Float and Poly-Tub Float are also options for floatation on your floating marina. The full float can be customized to meet almost any loading and freeboard requirements. The pontoon float and poly-tub float are also options for floatation on your floating marina.


GatorDock's fixed marinas.

Fixed Marinas

Fixed marinas provide consistent marina pier heights regardless of water fluctuation. Gator aluminum pier sections can span 20 feet on pile centers, minimizing the cost of piles and pile driving.  Maximize the life of your fixed marina supports by choosing TimberGuard™ or UltraComposite™ piles.


GatorDock's combination system design.

Combination Marina Designs

Your marina's needs may require a combination of a fixed and a floating system. If your dock system layout is catering to many different vessel types or sizes, section your marina into smaller dock systems built specifically to your client's needs.


Multi-use marinas.

Multi-Use Marina Designs

The typical marina caters to large sailboats, catamarans, and yachts.  Gator's designers have built marinas for these common vessels but have also built specialized marinas for sailing teams, houseboats, personal watercraft, and other specialized boating.

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More Marina Resources

Download drawings, specs, and other engineering resources in our technical section.

Marina Options & Accessories

+ decking+ supports+ accessories


If your marina is looking to avoid the hassel of ongoing maintenance, the non-slip aluminum decking may be right for your project. This economical choice was built for marine use and can be found on marinas that have been in service for four decades.


Pressure treated pine decking is also a popular choice for marina docks. Another economical option, this decking provides a classic marina look.

Ipe Hardwood

If you are looking to maximize durability and strength in a wood decking, than our Brazilian hardwood is right for your project. This dark, natural wood decking carries heavy loading and requires little to no maintenance.


Composite wood decking is an increasingly popular choice for our floating docks and marinas. Multiple color options, as well as brand choice, can give your marina a unique, designer look.


From aluminum grating to composite Thruflow decking, grated decking will allow the light to shine through your marina deck. This option is often the choice for fixed marina designs in environmentally sensitive areas.


Other decking options such as pavers or concrete may also be available. Contact our expert staff to design your concrete marina docks.

Synthetic Concrete

Looking for a concrete bridge deck? GatorBridge offers synthetic concrete decking for our docks. This innovative bridge deck looks like concrete yet also has the advantages of being light weight and maintenance free. The interlocking fiberglass panels are a long-lasting alternative with a concrete bridge look.


A fixed marina design will incorporate our aluminum pier frames with your choice of decking and accessories. The frames will be mounted on aluminum header kits and piling during installation.


Gator's floating marina docks are fitted with one of our three floatation types: the Full Float, Pontoon Float, or Poly-Float. Each of these floatation options achieves different loading capacities, stability, and durability specifications.


Both fixed and floating marinas can benefit from a long lasting pile. Minimize maintenance needs at your marina by choosing the longest lasting wood piling, TimberGuard.


If your marina is looking to choose a material that outlasts wood, then our UltraComposite FRP pilings are right for your project. Both fixed and floating marinas can be fitted with these round pilings.


If you can dream it, we can fabricate it. From knee-bracing to custom seating to wheelchair lifts, Gator can enhance your marina with the features your clients are craving. Contact our team to start designing.

Railing & Gates

Gator offers several standard and custom rail designs. Our aluminum railing can be incorporated into your dock sections or used an approach rail. Custom aluminum gates can also be designed and fabricated for your marina.


Cleats can be welded to our aluminum frames or bolted on to your decking choice. Choose from one of Gator's standard cleats or pick from the hundreds of designer cleat options.


Whereas fenders protect the dock frame, bumpers protect the boats from the marina. Gator offers two styles of bumpers, the smaller 'P' bumper or the larger 'D' bumper.


Docks at marinas are exposed to regular abuse. Protect the dock frame by adding bumpers that match your decking style. Bumpers are available in pine, ipe hardwood, composite wood, and various composite materials.


GatorDock's E-channel frames provide utility bays to run waterlines, electricity, or other utilities. To increase utility access, add utility panels into your decking option. Gator can work with your utility layout during fabrication of your marina dock sections.