Launch Systems

Dock Systems for Non-Motorized Boat Launches

Whether your passion is sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, or jet skiing, GatorDock can build a dock specific to your watercraft. Ease the process of launch, retrieval, and storage of your boat so you can spend more time on the water. Our three most popular styles of kayak and canoe launches, shown below, can be customized for your project. Or view our launch system case studies to see launches for sailing, rowing, or other personal watercraft.

Kayak & Canoe Launch Systems

The Easy Launch kayak and canoe dock system.

Easy Launch

The Easy Launch kayak and canoe dock system is an easy addition to an aluminum floating dock or boat ramp. This kayak launch provides a recessed dock section for reduced deck height during loading. The grab bars steady the passenger while the boat cradle positions the boat close for easy launch and retrieval.


The Versi Dock system launches kayaks and canoes and other small watercraft.

Versi Launch

The Versi Dock system launches kayaks and canoes as well as a multitude of other small watercraft. This dock system has holding bays that keep the watercraft still during loading or storage. The Versi Dock can be enhanced with hand or grab rail options, recessed loading platforms, or ADA lift designs. If your project caters to multiple boat types as well as kayaks and canoes, the Versi Dock design may be right for you.

Launch Systems Specific to Your Boat

Kayak dock.

Kayak Dock

As more and more Americans take to the waterways, our kayak launches have become even more popular. At Gator, we like to ask 'What is the hardest part of kayaking?'. If launching your kayak is the answer, then you need a GatorDock.


Canoe dock.

Canoe Dock

Canoe launches are often very similar to kayak docks. However, our docks can be customized to account for the increased length of many canoes. Overhead grab bars, as seen on our standard Versi Launch, can be positioned specifically for canoe loading and unloading.


Rowing dock.

Rowing Dock

Rowing crews need low-freeboard, sturdy dock systems specific to their needs. If your crew team is frustrated with the lack of options specific to your sport, contact Gator to discuss our past rowing dock projects.


sailing dock.

Sailing Dock

Sailboats large or small can benefit from a dock that encompasses the specific needs of sailing. Angled dock platforms, like seen on the University of South Florida's sailing docks, are a custom design that may be exactly what your sailing team needs in a dock.


Custom dock.

Custom Launch System

Whether your project just needs a dock with a angled ramp into the water or a highly customized design specific to your personal watercraft, Gator can tailor a dock launch for you. Contact us to share your project needs.

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More Launch Systems Resources

Download drawings, specs, and other engineering resources in our technical section.

Aluminum fixed piers can span longer distances between piles compared to wood, steel and concrete piers – up to 2X longer span capabilities!

Launch Systems Options & Accessories

+ decking+ enhancements


The entire Gator team loves working with aluminum. So it is no surprise that our standard slip-resistant aluminum decking is one of our favorites. Design your boat launch with this economical and long-lasting deck option.

Pine / Ipe / Composite Wood

Several wood decking options are also available on your boat launch. Pressure treated pine, Brazilian hardwood, and composite wood are some of the most popular dock deck options.


From grating to concrete, Gator can design your desired decking into your custom boat launch system. View our case studies for inspiration or contact us to start the design process.

Dock Accessories

Your kayak launch design can be enhanced with the same fenders, bumpers and cleat options available on our dock and pier systems. Add utilities, seating, dock recesses or pile guides to finish your boat launch plans.


Railing and gate structures can enhance the boat dock itself or guard the entrance to your marine access system. View our pier railing options to get design inspiration.

Accessibility Features

Kayak, canoeing, sailing and other water sports are not just for the able bodied. At Gator we specialize in creating elaborate dock designs and lift systems to make marine access systems accessible to all. Contact us with your accessibility needs to start planning your ADA compliant launch.