Durable Aluminum Gangways

GatorDock offers two standard gangway options that are suitable for most marine applications – the DRI and DRII. As a custom gangway manufacturer, we often add design options and accessories to tailor the gangway to our client's needs. In commercial or extremely high traffic areas, such as national monuments, ferry loading, or theme parks, our staff will work with you to engineer a product that meets the loading and environmental specifications for your individual project. Our gangways, docks, and piers all start with the same rugged E-channel frames made from marine grade aluminum. Talk with a Gator project expert for hinge or connection options on your dock ramp.

The DRII gangway.

DRII – Economic Gangway for Marine Use

For decades we have called our gangway the Dura-Ramp, shortened now to DR. The DRII gangway is designed for the most common access needs. Incorporating a removable 2-line rail, this workhorse gangway offers the best value for short to moderate spans. Made from the same heavy-duty marine grade aluminum as the rest of the GatorDock™ product line, our gangways are no exception to providing superior, long-lasting performance for your marine access needs. The DRII can be customized to meet ADA requirements, see the railing and decking options for choices.


The DRI aluminum gangway.

DRI – Gator's Heavy Duty Gangway

The DRI aluminum gangway picks up where the DRII leaves off and is our heavy-duty standard gangway option. By incorporating a structural truss framework into the handrail, this highly efficient option can span great lengths. The GatorDock™ DRI incorporates all the requirements of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) into its economical design.

A Gangway is Not Always from Land to Sea

Gator's dock ramp.

Gangway or Dock Ramp

The most typical use of a Gator Gangway is making the transition from land to dock. Talk with a project manager about integrating dock recesses into your gangway for a more functional and accessible transition.


Gator's access and loading ramp.

Ship Access and Ferry Loading Ramps

From cruise ships to ferries, our gangways often act as passenger loading ramps to safely take boaters aboard. A custom aluminum gangway can be built to meet your loading and ADA criteria needs.


GatorDock's aluminum catwalk.

Aluminum Catwalks

Sometimes our gangways aren't found anywhere near the ocean. Our gangways designs make perfect catwalks for industrial and maintenance needs. Catwalk designs are often lighter duty using the DRII as a base design and incorporate grating as the decking.


A GatorDock marine terminal.

Marine Terminals

For jobs requiring an even longer span than our heavy-duty custom gangways can provide, we design and fabricate aluminum bridges. Often used as marine terminals, these walkways can also incorporate lighting, gates, enclosures, and other features.

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More Gangway Resources

Download drawings, specs, and other engineering resources in our technical section.

Gangway Options & Accessories

+ railing+ decking

ADA Rail

The most popular customization of our aluminum gangways is incorporating ADA compliant railing into the ramp.  The DRI has a toe rail and grab rail already incorporated into the design for accessibility. The DRII ramp can be customized with any of the ADA rail options.

Picket Rail

Known at Gator as the Giralt style rail, this rail can be merged with either the Dura-Ramp I or Dura-Ramp II designs.

Mesh Rail

This fencing style rail can be incorporated into our truss gangway designs.  A wood or aluminum ADA style hand rail can also be added with our mesh option.


Between our in house engineers and expert welders, any railing style can be achieved. Match current site railing aesthetics or bring us your design ideas to make your aluminum gangway truly custom.

Aluminum Slip-Resistant Decking

Our aluminum decking is textured in two planes for maximum slip resistance. It is a workhorse favorite among those who like the performance and look of aluminum, but don't want the hassle of ongoing maintenance. It is a perfect choice for structures near brackish or salt water. Because aluminum dissipates heat quickly, aluminum decking remains cooler than most surfaces.

Pressure Treated Pine

The look of a wooden dock is traditional. Add pressure treated pine decking to get an economical, classic look while the aluminum frame ensures longevity of your structure.

Composite Decking

Synthetic decking options are popular, low maintenance solutions to achieve a designer aesthetic. You can specify your composite decking brand and color for the decking of your Gator gangway.

Tropical Hardwood

Tropical hardwood provides heavy loading capacities and a long lasting designer look without chemical treatment. We choose Brazilian Ipe decking as our premium wood deck as it is a durable, low maintenance product for marine environments.


Gator's grating options include aluminum grating or composite grating (including ThruFlow). Choosing a grated surface as your dock ramp decking is a environmentally friendly option as it allows the sunlight to shine through the structure. Grating is also a popular choice for industrial and maintenance catwalks.