Boat Ramps

Public Boat Ramp Docks for Busy Launches

GatorDocks have been used for everything from floating helicopter pads and VIP party decks to marine research centers. Most often however, our docks are a used as a transition from land to boat. Cruise liners, ferries, and water taxis use Gator products every day to safely board and disembark passengers. Public boat launches across the country feature Gator's floating boat ramps to handle large crowds of weekend boaters. Learn more about our boat dock systems below.

High Traffic or Commercial Boat Launches

Gator's boat ramp docks.

Boat Ramp Docks

Along America's coasts and lakesides, Gator aluminum boat ramps launch thousands of boats every weekend. Our innovative boat launch designs have become industry standards. We are often asked to speak at seminars and conventions on the features that make our aluminum boat ramp designs stand up to the increasing traffic and growing vessel size. If your project needs to take the abuse of high traffic in a public setting, GatorDock can help you with your design and product needs.


A Gator passenger loading dock.

Passenger Loading Docks

Another popular use for GatorDock boat launches include passenger loading platforms for tourism or commercial vessels. Heavy duty loading platforms have been designed by Gator's team of engineers and craftsmen. Add snaking gangway systems to efficiently handle arrival and departing passengers.

Planning the Boat Ramp for Your Project's Need

A Gator boat ramp.

Boat Ramp

The benefit of a Gator boat ramp is in the unique features based on your project's environment. From our naragansett hinge to unique pile guide designs, our 40+ years of experience and thousands of installed structures make us the experts in boat ramp designs.


Public boat launch system.

Public Boat Launch

For public boat launch designs, we recommend our full float or incorporating a ground out cage with one of our other dock floatation styles. The standard features of our fully welded aluminum dock frames including gusseted corners and integrated aluminum decking will keep your launch in service for a long time.


Passenger loading dock structure.

Passenger Loading Dock

Large boat launch areas often prefer to keep their boat ramp lanes and passenger pick-up areas separate. Passengers and items can be safely loaded from a designated passenger loading dock after the watercraft has been launched from the boat ramp. Minimize congestion at your busy boat launch with this specialized dock design. 


Ferry loading platform design.

Ferry Loading Platform

Water taxi and ferry operators love the stability and durability of Gator's floating docks for their passenger loading platforms. Aluminum gangway systems and gates safely keep passengers in designated areas during vessel docking. 


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More Boat Ramp Resources

Download drawings, specs, and other engineering resources in our technical section.

Boat Ramp Options & Accessories

+ decking+ accessories+ anchoring


The decking options for Gator's aluminum frame boat ramps are the same as our dock and pier structures. Aluminum decking creates a safe, long lasting surface perfect for busy public dock systems.

wood and composite

We offer several different wood decking options including pressure treated pine, ipe hardwood, and composite wood. The project's loading and aesthetic needs will help determine which wood dock decking you need.


Other decking styles including our multiple grating options and concrete are also available on our boat ramp designs.

Synthetic Concrete

Our synthetic concrete deck is GatorDock's newest design option. This light-weight, maintenance-free deck is a perfect compliment to our aluminum docks. Get the look of concrete and the deck strength you need without all the weight and cost. The FRP panels are installed prior to shipment of our prefabricated designs.

Dock Accessories

Any of the accessories available with our fixed or floating dock systems are also available on our aluminum boat ramps.


Lighting, water lines, and electricity, as well as any other utilities your project may need, can be encompassed within your custom boat launch dock.

Railing & Gates

Gator offers many different rail styles as a safety feature on our docks or as an approach rail. Our design engineers can also build custom gates or security features for your project.

ADA Access

A majority of our designs already encompass ADA compliant features. However, if there is accessibility concern with your future dock project, Gator's designers and project managers can show you several past project solutions that will help achieve ADA compliance on your marine access system.

Fixed Supports

Boat ramps that are fixed will have the same support options as our fixed piers. If you are looking to use existing supports, Gator can also fabricate a system that can be retrofitted into the existing structure.

Floating Supports

Pile guides and piling are the most popular support style for floating boat ramp docks. Other options include various land connections and sea-floor anchor systems.