Three New Standard Kayak Launch Designs


GatorDock™, a custom aluminum dock manufacturer, has recently released three standard kayak launch designs. As more and more Americans take to the waterways this summer for recreation and family fun, it is more important to give the public safe and steady kayak launch docks to meet this growing market of kayak and canoe enthusiasts.

Danielle Walter, Marketing Director of the company, explains that the kayak docks aren’t a new segment for Gator, but they are answering a new demand from customers by releasing their three standard designs. “GatorDock has been fabricating public dock systems, including kayak and canoe launches, since their founding in 1976. When a client calls, we build a custom system that fits their specific project’s needs. Our clients now want to see design ideas and rendered layouts much earlier in the project process. We have answered this customer demand by providing renderings, drawings, and specs for the three most popular kayak launch systems.”

The company also addresses another growing trend in the marine access industry; increased accessibility or ADA compliant designs. Jon Perryman, Gator’s Engineering Manager, stated, “For over 40 years we have been solving the challenging task of designing specialty docks for increased accessibility and ADA. We have fabricated thousands of aluminum dock systems that have incorporated ADA criteria. Our kayak and canoe launch systems are no different. Although many of these design components are not seen on the standard renderings we offer, any of our representatives can provide our clients with past project plans which are ADA compliant.”

Walter stressed that although they are releasing these boat launch designs on their site GatorDock is not going to be providing ‘off the shelf designs’ in the near future. “Our roots have always been, and will continue to be, as a custom dock manufacturer.  The newly released standard kayak launch designs are really just a jumping off point. By adding additional grab bars, recessed areas, dock accessories and railing the project can be tailored to a site’s individual needs – making these docks anything but standard.”

GatorDock’s kayak and canoe launch designs, as well as a product video, can be seen at gatordock.com.

GatorDock, part of the Crane Materials International, began fabricating marine access structures over 40  years ago. The company also fabricates pedestrian and utility bridges. To learn more about our products, engineering services and solutions visit gatordock.com or gatorbridge.com.installation equipment, product engineering assistance and a team of piling experts to support every aspect of your project.

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