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About Us

The core of GatorDock's strength is not just in the structural aluminum frame that is the foundation of every one of our products. Our strength comes from choosing the best quality materials and construction methods as well as our decades of research and development. We choose the best possible marine grade aluminum alloys and extrude them into optimized shapes specifically designed for heavyweight performance in all conditions.

We have a long list of high profile clients, but treat every dock design, large or small, with the same amount of attention, care and expertise. From the sales staff that first answers your email to the engineer that models your marina design, we invest in our people to make them the ultimate resource and project partner for your dock needs. Our firm dedication to quality throughout our sales, design, and manufacturing processes is why GatorDock is the most trusted dock builder in the industry. We achieved this honored reputation by providing our clients structures which meet the following criteria:

GatorDock structures achieve high performance.

High Performance

GatorDock has decades of experience in working solely with aluminum. During this time which we have refined our product designs to achieve superior performance in harsh marine environments. From a single dock to a full-scale marina, GatorDock products are built to perform beyond your expectations.

GatorDock designs are long lasting.


With over 7000 marine access installations across the planet, you can trust in the proven durability and longevity built in to your future dock, pier, or gangway. GatorDocks from coast to coast and in all climates have been in service over 30 years without needing to be replaced. Docks and piers composed of other conventional materials, including wood, concrete, or steel could never make this claim.

Gator's dock structures are environmentally friendly.

Environmentally Friendly

Gator sources about 80% of the aluminum we use from post-industrial recycled material. Reducing waste in our assembly process starts in the design of our extruded shapes and continues by recycling drop materials and fabricated items that do not pass our stringent quality controls. GatorDock's lighter aluminum frames result in less fuel used during transportation and quicker installation in the field, reducing the carbon footprint of your installation. Finally, the aluminum used in GatorDocks has a neutral impact on the installed environment and has been approved for use in protected bodies of water where treated wood has been banned.

GatorDock's systems are low maintenance.

Low Maintenance

GatorDock systems often require little to no maintenance during their long life cycle. The joy of finishing your marine access project is spending time on the water; not maintaining your dock, pier or gangway. GatorDock's line of products allows you to spend the time you devote to maintenance on fixing your boat, not your dock system.

GatorDock structures are cost efficient.

Cost Efficient

Not only can we provide you with a cost effective solution for your new marina system, our durable yet light weight frames also reduce the cost of transportation, installation and maintenance.