December 24, 2014

Reflecting on a great year at Gator

The entire team at GatorBridge and GatorDock is looking forward to lots of smiles and joy with friends and family over the holidays.   Meanwhile, we’re working diligently to fulfill orders from our customers.  Last week seemed like a good time to reflect on 2014, so we surprised a few of our colleagues with an impromptu question:  What’s your favorite Gator memory this year?

Here are their responses:

Matt Hasseler, regional sales manager for Latin America and the Caribbean: “We sold our first international bridge to Meridian Construction in the British Virgin Islands.  It’s roughly 350LF of bridges in four spans for the new Tortola Pier.”   Fantastic, Matt!  Dozens of your colleagues here in Florida are eagerly awaiting their invitations to the ribbon cutting.

Mariola Najmi, inside sales rep for Latin America: “My greatest memory for 2014 is having an extremely happy customer in the Panama Canal.” She sent us this quote from the customer, whose newly installed Gator gangway was the envy of rival captains:  “I am very pleased with the material, construction and workmanship. It should provide us with many years of reliable, safe service.” 

Rick Dyc, regional sales manager in the Midwest: “As the newest member of Team Gator, I’ve had some great Gator moments this year.  I’ve traveled around the Midwest region feeling like Johnny Appleseed prospecting and planting the Gator value-added seeds in towns all over the territory. It’s always great to see my efforts pay off like it did in Port Huron, Michigan this fall.  We replaced a rusty, 17-year-old steel bridge one of our Cascade bridges that includes our new synthetic concrete deck.”

Eli Angell, regional sales manager for the Northeast: “I was delighted with the Orange Reservoir project. It gave me a greater appreciation for the flexibility we can deliver in design and fabrication. To be able to work with the architect/contractor/owner throughout the whole project, supported by our engineers and fabrication team, was very satisfying.

Ben Brown, engineering manager:  “When I was at the plant recently, the shop and yard were packed bridge projects.  Containers were being packed with bridges shipping internationally. They included a 120' contour powder coated green with vehicular decking, a 200' long pipe support structure, a 90' modular bridge made in nine sections. Taking it all in, I realized how far we've come in the last five years.  It’s such a big shift in so many ways!” 

Rick Owens, director of business development: “I think one of our crowning achievements for 2014 is the progress we’re making in the industrial bridge sector. Around the country, we’re meeting with key players to show them the advantages of aluminum structures in heavy industry environments.”

Jon Perryman, engineering manager:  “I’m proud that we supplied over two miles (11,000 linear feet) of railing for two contracts on Florida highways. They consist of mill finish 2-line, powder-coated custom 3-line rail (with customer chain link for an overpass), and powder- coated picket railing on an I-95 overpass.”

As we finish off 2014, here are our hopes that the year treated you well – and our wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous year ahead.



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