July 29, 2014

Celebrating the Anniversary of the ADA the Gator Way

Last week, President Obama took a moment to recognize the 24th anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and recommit to its promise of allowing all citizens equal access and equal opportunity.

We love seeing that come to life on Gator docks!

There’s an increasing trend in paddle sports as a recreational physical activity, and it’s well-known that water therapy can be especially helpful for those with various disabilities.  But getting in and out of a canoe or kayak from a pier can be challenging. So our team works with engineers and designers to add handrails – like those at Alabama’s Live Oak Landing – and other features to make piers easier to use.  In fact, ADA compliant hand rail, mid rail, and toe rail can be integrated into any of Gator's aluminum structures.

Our Full Float Dock System lends tremendous stability to kayak launches. Gator’s ADA designs include recessed loading platforms, like the one in Milford, Delaware, and the express launch design (shown above) enables the boat to be cradled in place while loading. These features coupled with custom grab rails make non-motorized recreation possible for varying degrees of ability. One of our newest installations in Northbridge Park in Charleston, South Carolina, was also built to meet ADA requirements.

So congratulations and thank you to those who pushed for the Act that has enabled access to so many businesses and public spaces. And we’re excited to help engineer the next solutions making parks and our waterways easier to access and fun for everyone!


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